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    25/11/17 Fruitflow® – ELKEN Malaysia Heart To Heart Day 25 November 2017
    23/11/17 Fruitflow® – ELKEN MRT Malaysia – launch of LIVEXTRA YANG Tri-Action Blood Flow Solution
    10/11/17 Dr Sarah Brewer – Fruitflow® Lowers Blood Pressure
    03/10/17 Fruitflow® + nitrate – Provexis plc AGM – 3 October 2017
    03/10/17 Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 – Provexis plc AGM – 3 October 2017
    27/09/17 Fruitflow® lowers blood pressure – a randomised, placebo controlled, double blind, cross-over study
    18/05/17 DSM TalkingNutrition – Fruitflow® – Under pressure: preventing hypertension with nutrients
    14/05/17 Dr Sarah Brewer – Fruitflow® – Supplements For High Blood Pressure
    07/05/17 Mail on Sunday – Fruitflow® – How to stay healthy from the inside out
    23/03/17 Emptynesting – Fruitflow® – How Carrie Fisher’s tragic death is helping educate other women on the risk of heart disease
    23/03/17 The Sun – Fruitflow® – HEALTHY HEART This is just as important as blood pressure for your health – but how much do you know about it?
    22/03/17 Daily Express – Fruitflow® – THIS is as crucial as BLOOD pressure for heart health – but do YOU know about it?
    03/03/17 Fruitflow® – DSM brings live creation experience to Vitafoods 2017
    15/02/17 Fruitflow® – Dispatch Weekly – Brits aware of managing blood pressure and cholesterol for cardiovascular health but still ill informed about blood circulation
    31/01/17 Daily Express – Fruitflow® + Omega-3 – take the long view on health
    09/01/17 Fruitflow® – Dispatch Weekly – Empowering Women To Protect Against The Risk Of Heart Disease
    20/12/16 Shares Magazine – Provexis positive on blood pressure trial
    19/12/16 Fruitflow® – APAC’s biggest food and nutrition business stories of 2016 – nutraingredients-asia.com
    07/12/16 Fruitflow® – Women’s Health – Why exercise and stress affects your blood flow
    01/12/16 Fruitflow® – Sixtyplusurfers – Ensure You’re Fighting Fit this Winter
    23/11/16 Fruitflow® shows blood thinning potential versus aspirin – nutraingredients.com
    23/11/16 Aspirin replacement? Fruitflow® could reduce risk of heart attack – Express.co.uk
    23/11/16 Fruitflow® – EJCN randomised controlled trial comparing Fruitflow with 75mg aspirin
    22/11/16 By-Health research and development collaboration with DSM for Fruitflow®
    12/11/16 Fruitflow® – DSM Talking Nutrition – what do your platelets say about you?
    01/11/16 Fruitflow® tomato extract hits the food supplement aisle (with omega-3)
    13/10/16 Fruitflow® protects against unwanted blood clots – Dr Sarah Brewer
    13/10/16 Daily Express – Fruitflow® one of seven-ways-to-avoid-heart-disease – Dr Sarah Brewer
    02/10/16 Fruitflow® – media medics roundtable 29 September 2016
    10/09/16 Sirco seeks fresh blood with EU claim-backed juice
    31/07/16 Fruitflow® – Fab after Fifty – How to be FIT from the inside out
    10/07/16 Fruitflow – EJN: the first European Food Safety Authority approved natural cardioprotective functional ingredient
    11/05/16 Fruitflow® at Vitafoods Europe – May 2016
    29/01/16 Fruitflow® article – Modulates the Inflammatory Profile of Immune Cells and Endothelial Cells
    24/12/15 DSM – Fruitflow® – nutrition to address risk factors in metabolic syndrome
    16/12/15 DSM – Fruitflow® – the role of nutrition in cardiovascular health – ESC Congress London
    17/11/15 DSM – Fruitflow® – Food Matters Live 2015
    11/11/15 DSM – Fruitflow® – Licensing as an Innovation Accelerator
    05/11/15 DSM Capital Markets day – Driving Profitable Growth In Nutrition
    03/11/15 DSM and Bricker labs celebrate at Best of Supplement Awards
    14/10/15 Fruitflow® at CPhI Madrid – October 2015
    17/09/15 Syntrival® – 54th Congress of the Romanian Society of Cardiology
    10/09/15 Fruitflow® at Food ingredients Asia – September 2015
    04/09/15 The effect of water-soluble tomato concentrate and marine omega-3 fatty acids on platelet activation
    04/09/15 Sirco: Awareness of Dangers of Heart Disease Still Worryingly Low
    13/07/15 DSM – nutritional ingredients for risk reduction in cardiovascular disease – ESC Congress London 31-Aug-15
    01/06/15 DSM World of Nutrition – Marketing Heart Health Products
    29/05/15 DSM – at the heart of the cardiovascular health market
    28/05/15 DSM – new Asia Pacific Nutrition Innovation Centre, Singapore
    30/03/15 DSM – new Asia Pacific Nutrition Innovation Centre, Singapore
    30/03/15 DSM – at the heart of the cardiovascular health market
    20/03/15 DSM to showcase Fruitflow at Vitafoods 2015
    20/02/15 DSM – Fruitflow – The next generation in heart health
    19/02/15 DSM – Guard your Heart – Fruitflow
    29/01/15 DSM – Fortified Food Coatings: A revolution in ready meals for better health
    16/01/15 DSM promotional material: Comparison of a dietary antiplatelet (Fruitflow®) with an established antiplatelet medication (aspirin)
    16/01/15 DSM promotional material: Fruitflow®: harnessing the antiplatelet compounds of tomato fruit
    06/01/15 DSM / Fruitflow® co-sponsors Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting at University of Fribourg
    02/12/14 DSM showcases Fruitflow® at Health ingredients Europe, Amsterdam
    19/11/14 Food Matters Live, London – Fruitflow®, the EFSA approved natural food ingredient
    18/11/14 Collaboration with University of Oslo – Fruitflow® and Blood Pressure
    09/11/14 Alliance In Motion Global Inc – Vida Maxx launch at Mall of Asia Arena, The Philippines
    31/10/14 Food & Beverage Asia magazine – October / November 2014
    03/10/14 Limburg workshop – added value in the food chain
    29/08/14 Heart Health 2014
    28/08/14 SupplySide® Boardroom Journal – DSM Execs Offer Perspectives on Innovation, Venturing in the Human Health, Nutrition Arenas August 2014
    24/06/14 World Economic Forum – Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Europe
    13/05/14 Sustainable Solutions for a Changing World – DSM
    26/03/14 Food Ingredients China 2014 – DSM shapes brighter future with innovative ingredients and solutions – DSM
    11/03/14 Fruitflow® – the EFSA supported natural heart health ingredient – DSM
    06/03/14 The Balancing Act between Radical and Incremental Innovation – DSM
    27/02/14 Managing Sustainable Breakthrough Innovation – DSM
    04/02/14 Filling the innovation pipeline at three levels: platforms, ventures and projects – DSM
    30/09/13 Nutra News – DSM
    29/08/13 Food ingredients Europe 2013 – DSM
    26/06/13 Nutra News – DSM
    11/06/13 Fruitflow and resVida Featured in New OptiFlow Capsules from Bricker Labs
    14/05/13 DSM Introduces Powder Form of Cardiovascular Nutrient
    07/12/12 Interims on-demand webcast now live
    06/12/12 Interim results Webinar
    05/08/12 “The next few years are all set to be about sales and profits”
    31/07/12 Provexis Preliminary Results Webinar
    25/05/12 Bringing clarity to consumers – why health claims matter
    15/05/12 Provexis profile on Bloomberg
    28/11/11 Interim results and Webinar
    17/11/11 Stephen Moon talking to Marketing week about authenticity in health claims
    31/08/11 Dilution solutions
    14/07/11 AIM lives up to ‘venture capital with a quote’
    24/06/11 Investor meeting