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  • AIM securities in issue and major shareholders

    The Company’s issued share capital consists of 1,983,988,174 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 0.1p each (“Ordinary Shares”), each share having equal voting rights.

    The Company does not hold any Ordinary Shares in treasury and therefore the number of Ordinary Shares with voting rights is 1,983,988,174.

    The following interests of shareholders in excess of 3% have been notified to the Company

    Number of
    Ordinary Shares held
    Ordinary Shares as
    % of issued share capital
    DSM Venturing BV 143,769,230 7.9%
    Stuart Lucas and family 102,500,234 5.16%


    The % of issued share capital numbers set out above are shown as they were last notified to the Company by the individual shareholders, in accordance with the AIM and Listing Rules. The percentage numbers shown above may not reflect the exact percentages which are currently held by these shareholders due to subsequent changes in the Company’s issued share capital.

    In accordance with AIM Rule 26 in so far as the Company is aware the percentage of the Company’s issued share capital that is not in public hands is 8.8%.

    This information was last updated on 16 October 2018.